Coupon Books for Publishers and Fundraisers

Using ValueBooks is easy!

Step 1:
Set Goals

Before you can get started, you need to set goals for your fundraiser! There are three pieces of important information you need to determine:

  • Number of ValueBooks: This is the number of ValueBooks you want to order and, consequently, sell.
  • Suggested Advertiser Cost: This is the minimum cost per coupon you should charge advertisers. The money collected covers your ValueBook printing costs.
  • Fundraiser Earnings: This is the minimum amount you want to raise through the sale of your ValueBooks. The money collected goes directly to your cause!

Through this example, we are going to determine these values using a ValueBook of 100 coupons. That being said, there are other book quantities available. Check out the complete pricing charts for details! Eyes emoji

Book of 100 Coupons

ValueBooks Printing Cost Suggested Advertiser Cost Suggested Resale Cost Fundraiser Earnings
100 $1,250 $12.50 $10 each $1,000
250 $1,750 $17.50 $10 each $2,500
500 $2,000 $20 $10 each $5,000
1,000 $2,500 $25 $10 each $10,000
2,500 $4,250 $42.50 $10 each $25,000
5,000 $6,000 $60 $10 each $50,000

The target goal in our example

Presume you want to raise $5,000 for a local charity. To reach your goal, you will need to sell 500 ValueBooks of 100 coupons each, which will cost $2,000. Thus, if you sell coupon space to advertisers for $20 a coupon, you will cover the entirety of the printing cost. Then all you have to do is sell your 500 ValueBooks for $10 each and you will have reached your fundraising goal! Smiling face with open mouth emoji

Step 2:
Get Coupons

Now you need to collect coupons to place in your ValueBook. Try visiting businesses in your community and ask them if they will offer a coupon. To make this process easier for you, we provide advertiser forms for them to fill out and specify all required information.

While there are many ways you can present your proposition to an advertiser, one way you can do so is by explaining how great of a deal your ValueBook is giving them. If they place just one coupon in your ValueBook, they will get 500 copies of it printed and distributed for the low price of $20. If you think about it for a moment, that is a really good deal. Thinking face emoji

Step 3:
Bring In Your Collections

Once you have filled all your coupon space and collected the advertisers' forms and payment, simply send us your collection along with information about your fundraiser, and we will design and print your ValueBooks with no out-of-pocket costs! Dollar sign emoji

Step 4:
Sell Your ValueBooks

Now that you have your 500 ValueBooks printed and in-hand, it is time to go out and sell them! Earlier, you calculated that in order to reach your goal, you needed to sell each ValueBook for $10, but you can change the price if you want. Once they have all been sold, you will have successfully raised $5,000 for the local charity! That is worthy of a celebration! Party Popper emoji