Coupon Books for Publishers and Fundraisers

3 easy steps to raising money!

Step 1: Get Coupons

You can't make a ValueBook without coupons! Businesses love to be in coupon books because it attracts customers to their stores. To get coupons, visit local businesses and sell coupon space. They complete a form with their coupon information and pay you for the space in your ValueBook!

Step 2: Bring In Your Collections

Bring the money and the forms to us so we can print your ValueBooks as quickly as possible!

By the way: you have not spent even a penny on your ValueBooks!

Step 3: Sell Your ValueBooks

Go out and sell your ValueBooks! You keep all the money you raise. The money you collect pays for your ValueBooks! Money bag emoji

Profit potentional image

ValueBook benefits everybody!

You benefit from ValueBook because you are provided a sellable product to generate money for your cause at absolutely no cost to you. Cross mark emoji

Businesses benefit because they gain increased promotion for their stores. Upon paying a nominal fee, their coupon is printed in every book you order! For example, if you order 1,000 ValueBooks, businesses will have paid only $25 to produce their advertisement in 1,000 books, potentially bringing in 1,000 new customers! Smiling face with open mouth emoji

Your cause will gain all of the funds from the ValueBook sales. No hidden costs or fees. Dollar sign emoji

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More Advantages

In case you were not already convinced of the benefits of ValueBook, here are some more reasons to consider. Thumbs up emoji

  • There is no start up cost
  • You control your own timeline
  • You are selling an incredibly valuable product
  • You control the selling price of your ValueBooks to generate desired revenue
  • There is unlimited earning potential
  • Coupons are valid for an entire year

What are you waiting for? Get your ValueBook now!